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DNS change puts 284 Pakistani websites at mercy of hackers

It seems there’s at least one notable case of hacking each week, if not more. Today could be the biggest event of the year in Pakistan, due to a change in the DNS entries for 284 Pakistani domains managed by MarkMonitor.

These aren’t small sites feeling the impact. Sites such as,, and are all affected by the DNS entry changing. At the time of writing, Microsoft and Google’s Pakistani sites cannot be reached at all. eBay’s page has been defaced, as you can see in the screenshot here:

Feeding it through Google Translate identifies the language as Turkish, so the origins of the attack could be traced down to the country. The translation is mangled, but it still manages to put across its point even if it is awkward to read.


My homies in a friend always there for me
Have not shot by me with every breath
Pakistan Downed
   trabzon 2012
Hello friends who are still alive not dead!

There may be some information usable within that quote. Trabzon is a city on Turkey’s north-eastern coast, famous as being one of the stopping points on the ‘Silk Road’. Currently, nobody has come forth to take responsibility for the action, which is somewhat unusual since hackers tend to be quick to celebrate a victory.

Interestingly, their penguin image on the eBay page also appears elsewhere. Using a reverse image search on Google, it can also be found on the Bulgarian Red Cross page. The only difference is that the comments about “Pakistan Downed” are not present on the Bulgarian hack. According to Zone-H, the name “eboz” has been attributed to a number of different hacking attacks dating as far back as 2009.

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How to enable IDENTITY_INSERT for a table

I wonder how many times every one  us might have stumbled to insert values to identity column.Though identity
column serves as healthy mean of maintaining unique identification for a table and more often then not we do use
identity column to be the primary key field but it does come with it’s own baggage of hindrance, ofcourse until
you know how to unload the baggage

One hindrance that identity column serves is that does not allow you to enter your desired value at a particular
place until you play this little trick with it.While the simplest solution that i have used often to get across this situation
is here to unrevealed.

INSERT IdentityTable(TheIdentity, TheValue)
VALUES (3, ‘here we go’)

This is one of those  little trick that every sql programmer would love to be  scrolled in their sleeves

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Dreamweaver CS5- dynamically-related files could not be resolved because the site definition is not correct for this server

I personally installed wordpress severals times locally as i could only make the dynamic discover feature work maybe once or twice each time i installed, then I would get this error. After trying several different server setups i almost gave up. Today I was working with wordpress outside of dreamweaver and was looking for a way to change permalinks to have a php extension. After looking for a while I noticed people kept talking about making differnet servers like xamp able to handle permalinks. Then the light came on for me and I realized each time I installed wordpress I would eventually change the default permalink to day and name. So I turned it back to default in wordpress and bingo I could now discover the files. Tried this several times to make sure this was the issue. Yippe!!

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Windows Phone 8 SDK rumored to be released last week of July

Microsoft officially announced its plans to launch Windows Phone 8 later this fall at its developers summit in June. However, at the time Microsoft did not say when app creators would get their hands on the software development kit for the next version of its operating system.

Now a new article on the Chinese-based site claims, via unnamed sources, that the Windows Phone 8 SDK is currently scheduled to be offered to developers sometime in the end of July. It notes that this time period is consistent with Microsoft’s previous SDK release for Windows Phone 7.5 in 2011.

The article also adds that this first SDK release may have a beta or preview label attached to it. Still, it should give Windows Phone app developers plenty of time to make or port apps to the new operating system by the time the first Windows Phone 8 devices are released sometime later this fall.

Microsoft is rumored to launch the first public beta of Office 2013 by the end of July. The RTM version of Windows 8 is also expected to be completed sometime this month as well. This could make July an important month for Microsoft in terms of software products.


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Sindh Health Department bans six heart drugs

Staff Report

KARACHI: The Sindh Health Department has released a list of medicines, advising heart patients not to use them.

These drugs include: Soloprin 300mg, Alfagril 75mg, Cardiocastin 20mg, Atenolol 100 mg, Corcont 5mg and Isotab.

These medicines have been sent by the Punjab government to foreign laboratories for test.

Sindh Health Minister Dr. Saghir Ahmed has requested citizens to inform the government if these medicines are seen in stores. SAMAA


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