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WordPress sites not indexed by search engines

Recently, I have noticed something strange. It turns out that some WordPress Sites are not being indexed by search engines. This applies only to recently launched websites running the latest stable WordPress release – 3.4.2.

As it turns out, WordPress 3.4.2, by default, asks search engines not to index your website. To change this, log in to the WordPress admin area, go to Settings -> Privacy, select “Allow search engines to index this site” and click the Save Changes button. After this, your website will be visible to search engines.

Again, this concerns only websites running the most recent WordPress version – 3.4.2. If you have updated from an older version, you will not have this problem, since the “Allow search engines to index this site” option is enabled by default in the previous WordPress versions.

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Dreamweaver CS5- dynamically-related files could not be resolved because the site definition is not correct for this server

I personally installed wordpress severals times locally as i could only make the dynamic discover feature work maybe once or twice each time i installed, then I would get this error. After trying several different server setups i almost gave up. Today I was working with wordpress outside of dreamweaver and was looking for a way to change permalinks to have a php extension. After looking for a while I noticed people kept talking about making differnet servers like xamp able to handle permalinks. Then the light came on for me and I realized each time I installed wordpress I would eventually change the default permalink to day and name. So I turned it back to default in wordpress and bingo I could now discover the files. Tried this several times to make sure this was the issue. Yippe!!

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